Words Are Power

Why Failing is Where It’s At

When you say the word ‘fail’, how does it make you feel? If you’re anything like me, you’ll be thinking some negative thoughts right now that you’ll want to turn off right away. The words fail or failure bring up distressing thoughts for most people. What if you thought of failure as success? Say the word success five times. How does that make you feel? Success is a word that makes most of us feel fantastic. Play a little trick on your brain. Decide to think success thoughts in response to the word failure. How does it feel to say […]

Story…a Business Tool Worth Its Weight in Gold

I was having coffee with a few of my entrepreneurial girlfriends the other day and I suddenly stopped everyone between sips. “Hey, wait a minute”, I said. (Who knows why, but when a thought hits my brain, sometimes I just have to get it out there). “Do you realize we’ve said the word ‘story’, like a dozen times in the last half hour?” Every one of us had been talking about ways we’d used stories in our businesses to max our success. We talked about stories we’d used to help get the sale and stories we should’ve told. We shared […]

The Hidden Messages in Water…Words Are POWER

The Hidden Messages In Water….Words Are Power Have you seen my Newest Freebie Gift inside this website? You will want to go grab it NOW. You can get it HERE!  It is an affirmation you can speak over yourself, to keep your mind and heart in the right space. I was prompted to write it for myself and then thought, “that’s selfish, if I need it so do my peeps!” So there it is. =) How did it come about? I have been reading a great book about manifesting what you want in life and in part of the book […]