How To Get Started With Facebook Live For The First Time

Like me, you probably use Facebook daily and are noticing all the Facebook Live streams in your news feed. Businesses, celebrities and even the president are getting in on the fun. As a coach and entrepreneur I am all for anything that drives excitement and gets people involved! There are other streaming programs, but I love the thought of Facebook Live for a few reasons: millions of people use Facebook already, you only need your phone, descriptions go into news feed automatically and everything is saved to videos when you end the stream. Alright, we have the why covered! Let’s […]

Use this Proven Tool to Build your Business

This five-letter word is one of the most powerful ways to build your business and boost your credibility at the same time. Some of your successful competitors are using it and clearly, you’ll benefit by jumping on board. I am talking about video. At times, I’ve been hesitant to pull out the camera and shoot a video about topics my clients asked about. Then I started to realize that even the simplest suggestions shared on video are appreciated by people who are finding their way in business. I will tell you this. It has never been easier. Do you need […]

Fastest Way To 6 Figures

Hey Creative Soul & Fearless Entrepreneur ~   We all know having a business that hits or breaks well beyond that 6 figure mark isn’t EVERYTHING in life but it sure does rank right up there with oxygen intake!   When I work with clients if they are not at or beyond that income level it is the #1 thing on their minds….”how do I get to 6 fig.’s?”   Here is the answer….(click on the pic to see the video) ↓