Why Failing is Where It’s At

When you say the word ‘fail’, how does it make you feel? If you’re anything like me, you’ll be thinking some negative thoughts right now that you’ll want to turn off right away. The words fail or failure bring up distressing thoughts for most people. What if you thought of failure as success? Say the word success five times. How does that make you feel? Success is a word that makes most of us feel fantastic. Play a little trick on your brain. Decide to think success thoughts in response to the word failure. How does it feel to say […]

Create a Powerful Mastermind Group and Increase Your Productivity

I used to think being an entrepreneur meant I had to do it all. That was then. Today I know that old way of thinking was completely off base. Now I find ways to share and interact with other business professionals as much as I can. I learn incredible lessons and get energy boosts from these experiences that are like a triple shot of caffeine. Do you quietly go about your business by yourself and seldom have opportunities to share with others in your own shoes? I say change all that. You can hang with other entrepreneurs and end up […]

Take Control Of Your Career & Your Life

I have a huge treat for you today! I recently found myself looking up “Marcus Buckingham” and I am thrilled I did! If you have ever wanted to identify your strengths, weaknesses (they are easier to identify) ha ha ha……and how to use your strengths to craft an amazing life and career then you will love this workshop and Marcus. Check out this video and be introduced to Mr. Buckingham himself and what he does! Aren’t you intrigued? Do you wanna take part in one of his sample workshops? Click here and you will be dropped right to it! It is 8 […]