9 Tips for a Killer Elevator Speech

Ever wonder why people don’t understand what you do? You’re at a networking event, and a woman with million dollar earrings turns to you and inquires, “so, what do you do?” You stumble for a minute and then explain in language that seems clear as the sparkling water above the coral reef on your last snorkeling adventure. Her look turns to confusion. She has no idea what you’re talking about. Take the time to create an elevator speech that is clear, succinct, intriguing, and well crafted. Memorize the content, but don’t say it like a memorized blurb or you’ll fall flat. […]

Boost Your Success with a Business Coach – My Top 5 Tips

So you’ve been thinking it over for a few months and finally decided to hire a business coach. A few of your friends are rockin’ it with their businesses and are convinced their success is largely because of their business coach. A coach can help you rediscover your spark and transform your business right before your eyes. You will be challenged to try new things and you’ll have someone to bounce your ideas off and discuss challenges. But how do you know who to choose as a business coach? This is your lucky day because I’m going to give you […]

Create a Powerful Mastermind Group and Increase Your Productivity

I used to think being an entrepreneur meant I had to do it all. That was then. Today I know that old way of thinking was completely off base. Now I find ways to share and interact with other business professionals as much as I can. I learn incredible lessons and get energy boosts from these experiences that are like a triple shot of caffeine. Do you quietly go about your business by yourself and seldom have opportunities to share with others in your own shoes? I say change all that. You can hang with other entrepreneurs and end up […]

7 Practical Tips to Get the Most Out of Every Training

So you’re pumped because you’ve signed up for an exciting new training event that promises to rock your world. You might be a little like me. Do you get excited about meeting other kick-ass entrepreneurs when you go to seminars and workshops? I have to make a genuine effort to be prepared or I get caught up in the excitement of the event itself and overlook some basic must-dos. I have attended lots of events, both real and virtual, so I’ve created a checklist of tips you can follow whenever you sign up for a training event, whether it’s a […]

Gain Maximum Exposure and Create Powerful Connections On LinkedIn

It’s not enough to simply be on LinkedIn. If you want to gain maximum exposure and create powerful connections that elevate your business then you have to think and act strategically while engaging consistently. All three activities, when set up correctly, can be executed with very small amounts of time and effort. LinkedIn, at times, can be the “step sister” of the possibly more social and fun feeling Facebook but if you serve and add value to those that are in the professional arena, then LinkedIn should be your go to source for social media connections above and beyond any […]

Quantum Leap Networking

Networking Authentically…… Ever been to a networking event only to walk away with a bunch of business cards and nothing else? So has everyone else. Relax, there is an easy way to authentically connect with people, offer value and move your business ahead in quantum leaps. Do the pre-work. Have you ever been in a networking event and met someone so dynamic and so magnetizing that you have never forgotten them or what their business is? Chances are the answer is no. If you said yes, I am curious how connected you are and also how many times that has […]