Gain Maximum Exposure and Create Powerful Connections On LinkedIn

It’s not enough to simply be on LinkedIn. If you want to gain maximum exposure and create powerful connections that elevate your business then you have to think and act strategically while engaging consistently. All three activities, when set up correctly, can be executed with very small amounts of time and effort. LinkedIn, at times, can be the “step sister” of the possibly more social and fun feeling Facebook but if you serve and add value to those that are in the professional arena, then LinkedIn should be your go to source for social media connections above and beyond any […]

Auto-Responders Are Just Like Dating

Auto-Responders Are Just Like Dating! Writing copy inside of your auto-responders is just like dating! No, seriously, it is. Think about it, when you see someone you want to meet, get to know or ask out you typically take it in steps. This is exactly how writing, connecting and building a relationship with your future clients works when you are reaching out to them via auto-responders. Building a relationship takes time. Be real here for a sec….most of us didn’t find our partner by walking up to them the first time we saw them and say, “hey you look awesome, […]