The Quickest Way I Know To Increase Focus … And Business Success

More and more entrepreneurs are talking about mindfulness. In fact, when I listen to interviews of successful businesswomen, a vast majority talk about ‘lack of focus’ when they’re asked about their weaknesses and areas in need of improvement. Well, that means a lot of successful entrepreneurs are just like me. I totally admit, I sometimes operate with less focus than a disposable camera at a mud-wrestling match. I will confess, the practice of mindfulness has made me feel like my spinning plates are all staying in the air effortlessly. I can assure you that’s a good feeling. What exactly is […]

10 Easy Ways To Stay Focused On Your Objective

  We all know just setting a goal is much different from the actual effort involved in achieving our objective. Every January millions of people start out with the best intentions to revamp their lives or businesses. And yet, less than 8% of us statistically make it over the finish line each year. Why? Because any worthwhile & challenging goal requires sustained effort. No matter what you desire to change or implement in your life, the most important key to your success is CONSISTENCY! Sticking to your guns and making forward progress is easy in the beginning. But, we all know […]