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Three Ways To Be Smart With Money

Moolah, clams, bones, big ones, Benjamins, loot, shekels, dough; there are literally hundreds of ways to refer to money and hundreds of ways to earn it. I’ve been all over the map when it comes to smart money management, and I’m happy to be able to share these strategies with you now based on my experience. Here’s what I’ve learned. The more you focus on earning money, the more you try, the more you’re absolutely sick of not earning enough income, the tougher it gets to manifest it. Sometimes you just have to let go, and the cash will come. Reminds […]

Creating a Concrete Biz Plan – A 3 Step System

A lot of my clients have rockin’ ideas about how to get their biz off the ground. If your idea is solid, this is what will determine your success: your ability to create a great plan, believe in it and then implement that plan. I get it. You want out of your hateful day job so you’ve decided to get your own biz up and running. You’ve read books, attended webinars, listened to training audios, and subscribed to some entrepreneurial podcasts. You’ve talked to entrepreneurs and on-line marketers. You’ve attended a conference or two. By now your brain is buzzing […]

How to Build Your Own Personal Tribe

I’m betting you’ve been hearing about ‘list building’ at conferences, networking events and webinars. If you are running an online business, you need to build your list and you will create a personal tribe of members who are interested in what you do. Even brick and mortar businesses realize they can get more clients by building a list. I used to think that building my list was a painful, tough chore I had to do. I could not possibly see how there could be any element of fun to it. Now I look at it in a totally different way. […]

Boost Your Success with a Business Coach – My Top 5 Tips

So you’ve been thinking it over for a few months and finally decided to hire a business coach. A few of your friends are rockin’ it with their businesses and are convinced their success is largely because of their business coach. A coach can help you rediscover your spark and transform your business right before your eyes. You will be challenged to try new things and you’ll have someone to bounce your ideas off and discuss challenges. But how do you know who to choose as a business coach? This is your lucky day because I’m going to give you […]

Create a Powerful Mastermind Group and Increase Your Productivity

I used to think being an entrepreneur meant I had to do it all. That was then. Today I know that old way of thinking was completely off base. Now I find ways to share and interact with other business professionals as much as I can. I learn incredible lessons and get energy boosts from these experiences that are like a triple shot of caffeine. Do you quietly go about your business by yourself and seldom have opportunities to share with others in your own shoes? I say change all that. You can hang with other entrepreneurs and end up […]

Give your Business a Shot in the SEO Arm

When was the last time you needed a service like a new nail salon, massage expert or travel agent? Clearly, if you’re like me, you headed straight for your phone or i-pad and did a search. Right? If I were looking for your service or product on-line, would I find you? Take a minute and do some searches online just like you would do if you were looking for that same product or service. Make some notes about what search phrases were successful and what phrases were not. Make a list of the top 10 search phrases you’d like to […]

Falling Hard, Getting Back Up and Calling The Shots….

You know what EVERY business needs? What EVERY business owners needs? Two things; 1) A big giant set of kahunas and 2) To be authentic no matter freaking what This last week I learned that I actually do have a GIANT set of kahunas it’s just that for some reason I had forgotten that and I also have to remember that NO MATTER WHAT and NO MATTER WHO SAYS I CAN’T OR SHOULDN’T THAT I HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO ALWAYS REMAIN TOTALLY AUTHENTIC TO WHO I AM. Earlier this month I launched a program…a program I am FREAKING […]

The Investment & Evolution Of Self In Your Business

What if you could tweak one thing this year and it would evolve your business and give you more impact with your audience? You can! Check this out, when you decided to become an entrepreneur you knew that starting a business meant you would need to invest. You would have to invest in your business, your brand, your website and many other thing having to do with your entrepreneurial en-devour. What you may have let fall to the bottom of the list or it may have even fallen off of the list completely is the investment and evolution of yourself […]