Build Your List

Use This Simple Method to Attract Top-Quality Clients to Your List

I used to wonder how to get great potential clients to join my email list. I mean, a few people would trickle onto my list, but I would talk with other business people with large email lists that were growing every day. That’s what I want for you. And now that I’ve figured out some of the secrets, I can spill the beans right here and now. In my humble opinion, most entrepreneurs don’t have enough opt-in forms. Having excellent, strategically placed opt-in forms can make all the difference for your business. Make sure you have various offers available and […]

How to Build Your Own Personal Tribe

I’m betting you’ve been hearing about ‘list building’ at conferences, networking events and webinars. If you are running an online business, you need to build your list and you will create a personal tribe of members who are interested in what you do. Even brick and mortar businesses realize they can get more clients by building a list. I used to think that building my list was a painful, tough chore I had to do. I could not possibly see how there could be any element of fun to it. Now I look at it in a totally different way. […]

A Simple Way To Grow Your List

List building, it’s what every online business strives to continually do. Let me ask you, how is your list building going? Has it slowed a little bit? If the answer is yes I have good news. I want you to take the list building challenge and flip it. I want you to create an interactive challenge for your ideal clients. Capture their attention and add them to your list. I did this exact thing when I created the, “40 Days To Let It Go” challenge. It actually began out of a selfish need. It was the need that I had […]

What’s Your Facebook 90210…..

What is your Facebook 90210? So you know when you read “90210” you know where that is, I mean everyone knows where that is! It’s Beverly Hills, California! Home of the elite, the sun, the fun, the wealth, the glam….and of course home of the show 90210! An oldie but a goodie that I loved to watch growing up! What is so freaking cool about 90210 is that just saying the zip code and everyone knows what and where that is! So why not take it as a clue to us to get our Facebook URL in all the right […]