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The Power of an Editorial Calendar (Why, How, Who, What)

So, you took the leap and jumped into your own biz. It took a lot of courage, but you did it. I hear you. Now that you’re there do you ever have days when you wonder, what should I be doing right now? If you don’t, you’re nothing like me. I always have a million things to do, but sometimes I find myself sitting at my desk wondering what’s next. That’s where you need a killer calendar to keep you organized and on track. Block your time and make sure you’re staying true to your plan so you can get […]

Book Review of The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

When I notice certain books cropping up on social media, I start to take notice and add them to my reading list. This one’s been on the list for more than a month and yesterday I decided to grab a Chai Tea and enjoy some ‘me’ time with Hal Elrod. I love people with energy, a no-nonsense message, and conviction. That’s Hal. From the first sentence of the introduction, he grabbed me and took complete control of my brain’s interest quotient. More importantly, I resonated with his message. I found myself agreeing with him, page after page.  He promised that I’d […]

5 Surefire Ways to Know You Need a Virtual Assistant

You’re frantically trying to get through your to-do list everyday. You’ve been using some great apps to help you stay organized and you’ve started to get some traction in your online biz. A frantic text alert from your girlfriend says you’re overdue for coffee and she’s not putting it off any longer. Smack. It hits you right between the eyes. The stark, shocking realization that the freedom you were after when you decided to take that courageous step to become an entrepreneur, is literally nowhere to be found. You jump up from your desk and scream, “Where’s my freedom? That’s […]

Boost Your Success with a Business Coach – My Top 5 Tips

So you’ve been thinking it over for a few months and finally decided to hire a business coach. A few of your friends are rockin’ it with their businesses and are convinced their success is largely because of their business coach. A coach can help you rediscover your spark and transform your business right before your eyes. You will be challenged to try new things and you’ll have someone to bounce your ideas off and discuss challenges. But how do you know who to choose as a business coach? This is your lucky day because I’m going to give you […]

Tame the Procrastination Beast

Procrastination is a dirty word everyone knows and few admit to. No matter how amazing you are, I’m positive you procrastinate. Maybe you rock it at your business but fall behind in your personal life. Maybe you put off taxes until the absolute last minute…we all do it. Some of us become professionals at procrastination and convince ourselves we work at our peak performance when we are under pressure. Everyone knows we shouldn’t procrastinate – no one honestly wants to do it, but it can be very hard to stop. I do it! For instance, I know I need to […]