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Goodbye Wonder Woman

goodbye wonder woman

I loved Wonder Woman when I was a kid. She had the coolest outfit, was smart, strong & beautiful and try to convince me it wouldn’t be great to change clothes by spinning around!

She totally kicked butt & then sashayed into a fancy party looking like a million bucks. You never saw her outsmarted, doubting herself or exhausted. In short, she was the perfect – but entirely not real or realistic – woman.

I hope we never really goodbye to her, but how about we say goodbye to the Wonder Woman Syndrome that seems to plague most of us real-world women!

You know what I’m talking about.

It compels you to take on way too much and set unrealistic deadlines. W.W.S has you up until the wee hours of the night and then back up before the sun rises. It makes us feel like we are never enough – in the office or at home. We feel inadequate as employees, bosses, wives, mothers….humans.

Yep, that one! That’s the one we need to give a swift kick.

Have you found yourself suiting up, hearing the theme song in your head and you think….these damn boots hurt?! If you are half-way normal, I am betting you have.

So how do you kick life in the butt – instead of the other way around – and climb out of the Wonder Woman sized rut you’ve dug yourself?

Here are 6 things you can do TODAY to stop W.W.S from taking over your life ever again! 

DECIDE you will love yourself more than the idea of someone else loving you!

At the end of the day, we all want to be liked, I get it. But, I find a lot of us seek approval from people who actually don’t really matter.


I can promise you, they are not lying awake thinking about how much they love and approve of you. So, why are you stressing, thinking of ways to gain their love and approval?

Write down exactly who you need approval from. Look at the list with a critical eye. Now, get rid of anyone whose approval you don’t really need…it should be everyone but yourself. You don’t need anyone to tell you that you’re rockin’.

Trust me, you are – now go be enough for yourself!

AGREE to be the best – woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, co-worker….whatever you are – by taking the time to refuel each week! Yep…you heard me right.

You are going to decide right here and now that you can only be your best when your tank is on F.

So, when are you going to schedule that refueling time and where? Write, type or click it into your calendar right now. Go – I’ll wait! Stop thinking of taking time for yourself as optional and selfish. Start prioritizing it like any other important thing.

I used to have to trick myself by pretending it was a dentist appointment. I wouldn’t just flake out on those because something else came up and you shouldn’t on ‘you time’ either.

What do you need to refuel? What works best and nourishes your body, heart, mind and soul? List 3-5 options and then when the appointment comes….go do one! 

GIVE the rope some slack!

Women tend to keep the rope really taut when it comes to what we expect from ourselves. We all have some ideal in our heads we are living up to. So, how about you make the conscience decision to give yourself a little leeway and practice some personal kindness.

If you are nice and patient and giving to everyone else in your life, you certainly can be the same to the most important person – you!

What are three things you have been beating yourself up about lately? Just sit with your list for a minute, see how you can learn from it, chalk it up to ‘the day the WW suit was at the dry cleaners’ and move on.

LEARN a few new moves! I wasn’t a cheerleader in school, I played in different sports. But, I realized the cheerleaders were vital to keeping everyone upbeat & motivated and they were there during good and bad times.

The point is, we all need a personal cheerleader and it isn’t a popular career. So, grab your megaphone and get ready to motivate and cheer for yourself!

Figure out a convenient place to track things you freaking rocked each week. Even small stuff – found that missing sock, remembered to give the cat it’s pills – make sure you track it all!

Whip that list out whenever you feel low are like you aren’t making progress. Be amazed by yourself! I love keeping a list because everyone has low moments where we feel stuck or like we suck and aren’t making progress. 

NO – learn it, love it, live it.

This isn’t a drug campaign – just say NO occasionally. You’ll find it super freeing, even if it scares you to death. Grab your trusty calendar and find 3…nope, 5 things you are going to say no to right now.

I’m pretty sure you just gasped and called me crazy. Trust me. It’s hard at first, but when you cull your to-dos or obligations you will feel so happy and free. If it isn’t serving you, your family, your business or your mental space, get rid of it.

Quit saying yes to every event, every get-together and everything you think you ‘have to’ or ‘need to’. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to when it comes down to it. So if you dread it, chuck it!

If it doesn’t fill you up, it’s got to go.

DON’T answer every call – I’m guessing you gasped again. I don’t accept incoming calls if it isn’t my husband, kids, family or a pre-scheduled appointment. I can manage my time & energy better and I get more done. If it is actually important, they leave a message and I follow up when I can focus 100% on the caller.

It allows me the opportunity to make sure I am in the right head space to be of service to what they need and it keeps me from being frazzled. If you aren’t ready to jump right into never answering, give yourself a few no-phone blocks a day. Focus on what you need to and then later you can give your best to the callers.

Same with your inbox – stop monitoring it constantly or feeling like you immediately need to answer messages. Dump the obligation to technology or to be at anyone’s beck and call.

I bet if you put even just two of these tips into practice you’ll look down to see those pinchy Wonder Woman boots have been swapped out for your butt-kicking, life-stomping, living-it-up shoes and you’ll be loving it!

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