~ Jennifer Hudgens, NaturalWellness.Tips 
rikka headshot“I have worked with dozens of sales coaches over the 15+ years I have been an entrepreneur. There were a wide variety of sales coaches and it never quite felt right. It was always like putting on a shoe that was too small. When I started working with Andrea everything just clicked. Suddenly sales didn’t feel like “ugh, sales”. It felt like helping people get the answers and services I could help them with. I can’t teach you how to run a marathon for instance, but I can teach you how to recruit and hire better. Andrea has helped me figure out how to talk to people about that and to understand their needs, so I can better serve them. If you are looking for sales coach who understands being a creative, soulful entrepreneur who still needs to sell to pay the bills, I would highly recommend Andrea. She is amazing! I guarantee you will not regret your choice!!” ~ Rikka Brandon, &
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrea for the past 9 years. Over that time her coaching has given me a tremendous edge to build success in my business. With her coaching, I have learned how to build my team and new ways of sharing our products and ideas to increase our client retention. My business more than doubled after her coaching. I’m not afraid to make phone calls now to potential clients, as I know how to handle objections and how to work with the four different personality types. Andrea’s upbeat approach, energy and coaching style makes learning lots of fun! She is real and honest and says it like it is! If you want to grow your business, build your team or customer base, strategize your sales and marketing then she’s the one for you! I am so thankful Andrea has touched my life and I will continue to work with her and refer her to anyone looking for a rock star coach.” ~ Candy Posey, Green Girl Entrepreneur
“Andrea get’s a 10 for ‘likability!’ Her down to earth spirit and sense of humor make working with her such a joy. Her expertise in people skills go above and beyond! If you get the chance to work with her you’ll be so blessed! She has the ability to look at your business and you and see where you need help. I love her practical systems for marketing and building sales.”Barb Herndon, Social Blogger Entrepreneur
“Working with Andrea is an absolute joy. She’s ultra creative, super smart and is a ‘let’s get this done’ kinda girl. Her results speak for themselves as I’ve experienced and seen her coach many people to a greater level of success. I’ve been impressed by her time and time again and know that anyone who has the privilege of working with her will see some amazing results. The value she brings to your vision is unparalleled. You will feel so confident about your own passion and journey and self assured that you can bust through all your barriers after working with her for just a few hours.” ~ Tracy Matthewman, Social Media Coach & Entrepreneur
Jeanette rounded“Before we began working together I was hesitant to work with a coach. I wanted to work with someone that practiced what they preached and got results. I can’t even begin to tell you how you do exactly that and working with you has been fabulous. Since working with you I have become more confident, learned to set boundaries with my clients, clarified my goals, I have almost tripled my client base and I raised my rates over 75% from where they were! You always get down into the root of my issues, help me get through it and I feel like a load is lifted. I don’t know where my business would be if I had not gotten the chance to work with you.”

~ Jeanette Ortega,V.A. Extraordinaire, New Mexico
“Andrea is an enthusiastic leader with an amazing vision to teach, learn and grow. She is always thinking, inspiring and moving to create a better life for herself, her family and those she coaches. She has the ability to lead and motivate through her passion of caring about you. I have worked along side Andrea for years and her leadership was key to the success of businesses.” ~ Cindy Goff, The Feel Good Entrepreneur
Karla Horn“I have been blessed to have known and worked with Andrea since 2007.   She is a caring, passionate, and fun personality whose business experience and people savvy are vast. To work with her is a true breath of fresh air!  She is a visionary who naturally inspires you to see things from a new perspective.  She will really hear your needs and get into action for you immediately.   She has great organizational & time management skills and she communicates clearly and concisely. Her quick mind, depth of business/marketing experience and the ability to think outside the box will give you a fresh, creative approach on whatever need or challenge that you are having with your business.”

~ Karla Horn- Entrepreneur & Passionate Non-Profit Board Member
Jenev CW circle.jpg“I am so grateful to Andrea for my VIP Day with her. Andrea not only filled my head with insights and ideas I hadn’t thought of about how to get my business out there in a bigger way, but helped me feel more confident and grounded with what I have already been doing. She was able to look at some of my material and make tweaks for it to be more effective, and offered a truly valuable, fresh and much needed perspective. Andrea’s overall presence, including her no-nonsense, down to earth, and supportive personality made it an extreme pleasure to work with her. Her years of experience were generously shared and Andrea over-delivered in every way. I walked away from this VIP Day with a list of things to work on, all of which I am confident will help my business tremendously. If you are looking for a business coach that will have your back and be truly committed to your success, look no further than Andrea Sullenger.”~Jenev Caddell, PsyD The Successful Business Owner’s Relationship Coach
“I participated in Amber.Lilyestrom _circlea VIP Day with Andrea and it transformed my business in less than one day. I felt heard and supported throughout the experience and I truly believe that it will serve as the fuel to take my business to another level in the coming months. Andrea knows her stuff and supported me in a thoughtful and powerful way. She was prepared for the session and present and I could not have asked for more. I would highly recommend Andrea’s coaching services, and the VIP Day experience with all of my friends and colleagues.”Amber Lilyestrom, Soul-Based Branding & Business Coach
Cindy Harp_rounded“I think you are one awesome fire-starter woman on a mission! Very easy to listen to, authentic, brilliant, and you deliver value beyond what is expected! I’ve participated in a couple of other programs but found them very difficult to follow.  I loved how you kept in touch with easy directions, emails, reminders, and extras. I think that is one reason why I felt successful in this.”~Cindy Harp
Biljana_rounded“Andrea has made her 6-Figure Strategy Lounge very attractive space with super cool members lounging and helping each other while having fun and reaching their goals. Definite recipe for success to 6-figures and beyond.”~Dr. Biljana Karamehmedoric
Tandy_rounded” Andrea Sullenger is one of the best business coaches around. She is energetic, supportive, knowledgeable and truly cares about everyone’s success. Andrea is extremely active in the 6-figure lounge and works to ensure everyone’s questions are addressed. She is a wealth of information and shares of herself so generously. Andrea encourages sharing and is a master at connecting! I created some fabulous and lasting relationships from the lounge and look forward to continuing to build connections to my first 6-figure deal. Andrea makes it easy to be successful through all the training she provides. I highly recommend Andrea as a coach and can’t recommend the 6-figure Lounge enough!”~ Tandy Elisala, Success Coach, Mindset Mentor, Author
sr lean cropped_rounded“Andrea packed the 6-figure strategy lounge full of great content. She brings tons of passion and smarts. Plus, she attracts smart people with big hearts to the lounge. In the business world you often hear the phrase under promise and over deliver. Wow, Andrea is a master at doing that. In the lounge I made great contacts, added targeted subscribers to my e-zine list with joint ventures, and am ready to launch a new VIP day offer. Thanks for the opportunity. Andrea, you really are a rock star!”~Sharon Roemmel
Jacqueline Rimmer“Anytime someone is looking for a great business coach, I refer them to Andrea. She’s highly committed to supporting her clients and genuinely cares. I’ve watched her in action: teach, speak as a leader and coach. Her effectiveness, brilliance, and wisdom shines through with every interaction. Hire her. She’s the real deal!” – Jacqueline Rimmer, Brand Strategist + Web Designer – CEO of JCR Studios