5 Sexy Entrepreneurial Selling Tips

My coaching clients are all rockin’ entrepreneurs who are doing most things right, but just need some straight-up guidance in a few critical areas. I mean, who doesn’t? You might be like them; wondering if there are ways to improve your selling skills? Well I guarantee there are always ways to pump up your sales efforts. And think about it – aren’t we all in the business of selling? Today I’m bringing you my Five Top Sexy Selling Tips for Entrepreneurs. That’s you. Pay attention, these tips really work. And they’re sexy. Make up your mind you’ll implement these ideas […]

Use this Proven Tool to Build your Business

This five-letter word is one of the most powerful ways to build your business and boost your credibility at the same time. Some of your successful competitors are using it and clearly, you’ll benefit by jumping on board. I am talking about video. At times, I’ve been hesitant to pull out the camera and shoot a video about topics my clients asked about. Then I started to realize that even the simplest suggestions shared on video are appreciated by people who are finding their way in business. I will tell you this. It has never been easier. Do you need […]

Story…a Business Tool Worth Its Weight in Gold

I was having coffee with a few of my entrepreneurial girlfriends the other day and I suddenly stopped everyone between sips. “Hey, wait a minute”, I said. (Who knows why, but when a thought hits my brain, sometimes I just have to get it out there). “Do you realize we’ve said the word ‘story’, like a dozen times in the last half hour?” Every one of us had been talking about ways we’d used stories in our businesses to max our success. We talked about stories we’d used to help get the sale and stories we should’ve told. We shared […]

Pinterest For Service Providers…

I have an AMAZING guest to share with you today. Her work and ideas are fabulous and if you have ever wondered if you could use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and or offerings the answer is YES. Check out my friend and client Amber Kane. She has great tips and tricks to share, a gift and a proven strategy that she uses daily to drive traffic and get sales! Take it away Amber…. You’re looking at your calendar , reflecting on 2014 and beginning to plan for 2015. With all of the changes that Facebook is making, […]

Boost Your Business With A Pipeline Packed Full Of Referrals

Want more referrals but not totally sure how to go about getting them? What would having strong referrals do for your business? Do you know how to get them? Let me share with you a referral blueprint that will keep the pipeline full of fresh, strong and eager referrals coming into your business every single day. First, let me share with you the top two fatal mistakes entrepreneurs make when seeking referrals. 1) They think if they do great work referrals will just automatically happen. This is a myth. While true that some may come your way, it is unlikely […]

4 Ways To Crush List Building, Fill Programs & Increase Profits With Tele-seminars

Crush out list building, fill your programs, and increase your profits…..sound good to anyone? Can you really do all of that with something as simple as your telephone? The answer is yes. Tele-seiminars are like ice bergs. From the surface you see a small portion of their actual mass. The reality is that if you were to dive down into the frigid water you would find a huge ice mass that is far weightier and goes deeper than what you can merely see from the surface. The same goes for tele-seminars, which is why some people brush them off, they […]

Auto-Responders Are Just Like Dating

Auto-Responders Are Just Like Dating! Writing copy inside of your auto-responders is just like dating! No, seriously, it is. Think about it, when you see someone you want to meet, get to know or ask out you typically take it in steps. This is exactly how writing, connecting and building a relationship with your future clients works when you are reaching out to them via auto-responders. Building a relationship takes time. Be real here for a sec….most of us didn’t find our partner by walking up to them the first time we saw them and say, “hey you look awesome, […]

Marketing To 3 Types Of Cultures

Marketing To The 3 Types Of Cultures…..intriguing concept. When you think of marketing you probably are like me and maybe think in what we will call the, “old school” theology or strategy of marketing. You think about marketing to the demographic that you are targeting…..right? That’s how I was taught to engage in the creative strategy to launch or sell a product or service. However, after watching a very interesting video from a new found….obsession of mine….they address this very topic. First let’s start with the new found obsession….it is the most enlightening site I have found recently and so […]

10 Easy Ways To Stay Focused On Your Objective

  We all know just setting a goal is much different from the actual effort involved in achieving our objective. Every January millions of people start out with the best intentions to revamp their lives or businesses. And yet, less than 8% of us statistically make it over the finish line each year. Why? Because any worthwhile & challenging goal requires sustained effort. No matter what you desire to change or implement in your life, the most important key to your success is CONSISTENCY! Sticking to your guns and making forward progress is easy in the beginning. But, we all know […]

Power House Presentations

  Do you want to make sure your presentations are on-point? Bring your A game and give the people what they want! When presenting to groups you can raise the level of power with which you deliver your message. You can deliver a one-two power-packed punch that gets you the results you are after and leaves your audience feeling ignited by what you shared. It isn’t hard, I promise! If you can adapt your current selling and presentation style & infuse it with your personality, you will be in the groove and on your way to tapping into your own personal power! […]