How To Get Started With Facebook Live For The First Time

Like me, you probably use Facebook daily and are noticing all the Facebook Live streams in your news feed. Businesses, celebrities and even the president are getting in on the fun. As a coach and entrepreneur I am all for anything that drives excitement and gets people involved! There are other streaming programs, but I love the thought of Facebook Live for a few reasons: millions of people use Facebook already, you only need your phone, descriptions go into news feed automatically and everything is saved to videos when you end the stream. Alright, we have the why covered! Let’s […]

Use This Simple Method to Attract Top-Quality Clients to Your List

I used to wonder how to get great potential clients to join my email list. I mean, a few people would trickle onto my list, but I would talk with other business people with large email lists that were growing every day. That’s what I want for you. And now that I’ve figured out some of the secrets, I can spill the beans right here and now. In my humble opinion, most entrepreneurs don’t have enough opt-in forms. Having excellent, strategically placed opt-in forms can make all the difference for your business. Make sure you have various offers available and […]

How to Build Your Own Personal Tribe

I’m betting you’ve been hearing about ‘list building’ at conferences, networking events and webinars. If you are running an online business, you need to build your list and you will create a personal tribe of members who are interested in what you do. Even brick and mortar businesses realize they can get more clients by building a list. I used to think that building my list was a painful, tough chore I had to do. I could not possibly see how there could be any element of fun to it. Now I look at it in a totally different way. […]

Give your Business a Shot in the SEO Arm

When was the last time you needed a service like a new nail salon, massage expert or travel agent? Clearly, if you’re like me, you headed straight for your phone or i-pad and did a search. Right? If I were looking for your service or product on-line, would I find you? Take a minute and do some searches online just like you would do if you were looking for that same product or service. Make some notes about what search phrases were successful and what phrases were not. Make a list of the top 10 search phrases you’d like to […]

Story…a Business Tool Worth Its Weight in Gold

I was having coffee with a few of my entrepreneurial girlfriends the other day and I suddenly stopped everyone between sips. “Hey, wait a minute”, I said. (Who knows why, but when a thought hits my brain, sometimes I just have to get it out there). “Do you realize we’ve said the word ‘story’, like a dozen times in the last half hour?” Every one of us had been talking about ways we’d used stories in our businesses to max our success. We talked about stories we’d used to help get the sale and stories we should’ve told. We shared […]

Pinterest For Service Providers…

I have an AMAZING guest to share with you today. Her work and ideas are fabulous and if you have ever wondered if you could use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and or offerings the answer is YES. Check out my friend and client Amber Kane. She has great tips and tricks to share, a gift and a proven strategy that she uses daily to drive traffic and get sales! Take it away Amber…. You’re looking at your calendar , reflecting on 2014 and beginning to plan for 2015. With all of the changes that Facebook is making, […]

Creating & Powerfully Leveraging Raving Fan Testimonials

No matter what type of business you are in you need and should want raving fan testimonials. One significant thing you create by using testimonials are answers. No matter how you showcase raving fans reviews and experiences, weather it be text, audio, or video format, when you choose to leverage strong testimonials you give your future client answers and confidence. You also deliberately take the ick out of the sales pitch. Instead you offer up validation and credibility by way of the recommendation. Testimonials are so effective because they build trust and they squash skepticism. Gathering and crafting raving fan […]

Falling Hard, Getting Back Up and Calling The Shots….

You know what EVERY business needs? What EVERY business owners needs? Two things; 1) A big giant set of kahunas and 2) To be authentic no matter freaking what This last week I learned that I actually do have a GIANT set of kahunas it’s just that for some reason I had forgotten that and I also have to remember that NO MATTER WHAT and NO MATTER WHO SAYS I CAN’T OR SHOULDN’T THAT I HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO ALWAYS REMAIN TOTALLY AUTHENTIC TO WHO I AM. Earlier this month I launched a program…a program I am FREAKING […]

Boost Your Business With A Pipeline Packed Full Of Referrals

Want more referrals but not totally sure how to go about getting them? What would having strong referrals do for your business? Do you know how to get them? Let me share with you a referral blueprint that will keep the pipeline full of fresh, strong and eager referrals coming into your business every single day. First, let me share with you the top two fatal mistakes entrepreneurs make when seeking referrals. 1) They think if they do great work referrals will just automatically happen. This is a myth. While true that some may come your way, it is unlikely […]

4 Ways To Crush List Building, Fill Programs & Increase Profits With Tele-seminars

Crush out list building, fill your programs, and increase your profits…..sound good to anyone? Can you really do all of that with something as simple as your telephone? The answer is yes. Tele-seiminars are like ice bergs. From the surface you see a small portion of their actual mass. The reality is that if you were to dive down into the frigid water you would find a huge ice mass that is far weightier and goes deeper than what you can merely see from the surface. The same goes for tele-seminars, which is why some people brush them off, they […]