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Calling all service based entrepreneurs, it’s your time to step up and play bigger!

  • Are you a coach, trainer, speaker, or service based entrepreneur looking to create your breakthrough year and have your first five figure month?
  • Or maybe you are ready to lock into a system that allows you to create consistent five and even six figure months?

You’re probably saying, “YES! That is exactly what I want and need! I just don’t know how to do this.

Let me ask you:

  • Have you ever felt like your entrepreneurial dreams aren’t playing out the way you had anticipated and the daily grind feels more like treading water in a pool of mud?
  • Do you ever go to bed with a knot in the pit of your stomach and you are restless all night long?
  • What about fear…. how does fear show up for you? Does it feel like fear is the end all be all dictator of your business? Do you worry about what the next step is, how to find clients and how you will move them from prospect to paying client?

I’ve been there….the whole thing. I have laid awake night after night gripped by my fears, my anxiety of how I would find clients and how I would bring in the income I needed. I have tried the hope and pray marketing and even the spaghetti on the wall approach. I have had more moments than I would care to share. (you know the moments….the one where you think you should just give up, head to your laptop to find a “real” job…one that paid but would come at the expense of your dream…yeah, those moments)

The real story is, I just could never pull the plug on my dream. I knew I was in the right place at the right time, doing what I was born to do. I also knew I had to get this puppy figured out pretty fast and I did! The great news for you is that you can do the exact thing I did to find your sweet spot in creating a flourishing business, fueled by your dream and filling your client roster and your bank account every single month.

Imagine what it would feel like if you knew when you woke up each morning that,

  • Your client roster was full and you genuinely loved working with each of them
  • Your bank account was full…imagine $5K, $10K, $20k, $30K or more each month coming in
  • You had a support team
  • You could let go of all overwhelm and only say, “yes” to people and projects that were a total 10 for you
  • You had as much free time as you wanted to play, relax, spend with family or friends, or travel
  • You could give back freely to the causes that matter to you

This can be your reality!

I’m Andrea Sullenger, the two time best selling author, an internationally known speaker and a kick-butt client creation and sales coach with 18 years of experience. My client roster will knock your socks off! I am fiercely committed to guiding service based entrepreneurs to achieve a fast path to profits, busting down the walls of fear and overwhelm and getting to the clients they love while creating the wealth they deserve.

I don’t believe in accidents and I am THRILLED you are here!

My coaching is 100% what you need.

Coaching causes miracles and I want to invite you to grab your miracle today. With a wait list of clients, I offer a limited number of Success Plan Strategy Sessions each month.

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What Clients Say

"Andrea get's a 10 for 'likability!' Her down to earth spirit and sense of humor make working with her such a joy. Her expertise in people skills go above and beyond! If you get the chance to work with her you'll be so blessed! She has the ability to look at your business and you and see where you need help. I love her practical systems for marketing and building sales."Barb Herndon, Social Blogger Entrepreneur
Karla Horn"I have been blessed to have known and worked with Andrea since 2007.   She is a caring, passionate, and fun personality whose business experience and people savvy are vast. To work with her is a true breath of fresh air!  She is a visionary who naturally inspires you to see things from a new perspective.  She will really hear your needs and get into action for you immediately.   She has great organizational & time management skills and she communicates clearly and concisely. Her quick mind, depth of business/marketing experience and the ability to think outside the box will give you a fresh, creative approach on whatever need or challenge that you are having with your business."~ Karla Horn- Entrepreneur & Passionate Non-Profit Board Member
Jacqueline Rimmer"Anytime someone is looking for a great business coach, I refer them to Andrea. She's highly committed to supporting her clients and genuinely cares. I've watched her in action: teach, speak as a leader and coach. Her effectiveness, brilliance, and wisdom shines through with every interaction. Hire her. She's the real deal!" - Jacqueline Rimmer, Brand Strategist + Web Designer - CEO of JCR Studios

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